Training on Search Techniques & Strategy

We specialize in training a wide variety of clients, including:

(a) individuals who do a significant amount of research; (b) law firms and corporate legal departments; (c) research units within investment companies (hedge funds, private equity, investment banks); (d) nonprofits and NGOs; and (e) private investigators and in-house investigation/security departments.

What We Offer

1. I Can Do What?: A Primer on Online Resources Beyond Google

This course focuses on the best of the Web that you didn’t know existed and whose information isn’t covered by search engines as well as advanced Google search techniques. This seminar can be general or tailored specifically to your search needs.

2. Wait, Where Was I?: Staying Focused During Complicated Searches

This seminar teaches concrete tools to use doing searches to increase efficiency and “hit” ratio. It is ideal for people who are tasked with general search assignments.

3. The World Beyond Keyword

This course teaches fact-finding skills beyond the most common method of typing keywords into search engines and databases.

4. Customized

We can develop a training seminar to fit your staff’s research needs.

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