Three Types of Background Checks

We offer three types of background checks depending on what sort of issues matter most to you. Each report is tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

1. “Flash” Report

Flash Report background checks are limited and inexpensive searches intended for your initial due diligence. Although not a comprehensive investigation, a Flash Report focuses on extraordinary issues that would make someone unsuitable for a business partnership, such as an undisclosed criminal history, accusations of fraud or other serious personality issues, sex offender status or overwhelmingly negative press coverage. Turn-around time is two business days.

2. Investor Report

Investor Report background checks are more comprehensive than Flash Report checks and are the standard level of pre-deal backgrounds. In addition to looking for the red flag issues listed above, Investor Reports uncover broader issues that could make a particular person or company a difficult long-term business partner. Turn-around time is five business days.

A standard Investor Report discloses the following information:

●      Criminal and civil litigation, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, foreclosures and sex offender registry for the jurisdictions where the subject has lived and worked

●      Degree verification (consent may be required)

●      Unreported employment or professional associations

●      License verification and associated sanctions, if applicable

●      Regulatory agency sanctions, if applicable

●      Motor vehicle record, if permissible

●      Media analysis

●      Credit reports (consent is required)

3. Additional Reference Checks

Additional reference checks can give greater insight into an executive’s work style or clarify a potential issue that arose in a background check. We conduct discreet interviews with primary sources we have identified and who have had firsthand experience working, either past or present, with the subject. Turn-around time is five business days.