Investigative Services for Nonprofits

Lynx offers two types of investigations for Nonprofits:

(1) Strategic Fact-Finding Projects (see also Consulting & Referrals) designed to carry out the mission of your nonprofit. For example, we can gather information that: answers key strategy questions (e.g., How can we better engage youth? or How can we change public perception of our organization?); reveals existing or future tactics of groups adversarial to your nonprofit; or develops deep, fact-based stories you want a larger public to know about; and (2) Donor Research to help you determine the financial wherewithal of existing donors, find new, possible donors and check the backgrounds of offering donors to make sure your brand integrity is preserved.


1. We are trained investigators who understand your needs.

Unlike most consultants to nonprofits, as private investigators we are specifically trained, experienced and licensed to uncover hard-to-find information. We are also knowledgeable about your needs as a nonprofit; Lynx principal Edward Morris recently founded and ran an organization focused on climate-change awareness.

We think about the assignment differently. For example, if we’re looking for a possible salary range for an individual, we’re going to look for comps in the field and not just tell you “none found.”

2. We go beyond the standard databases and websites.

As investigators, we have access to unique sources of information outside of what you or other prospect researchers are searching.

Additionally, we know you likely have interns or staff doing research; we commit to not duplicating it.

3. We offer inexpensive, high-quality work.

We are fixated on “taking the air out” of the process. What exactly do you need? What information is going to make a difference? These are questions we figure out together at the start, so our work fits into your overall strategy.

4. We specialize in creating reports and media in the format best suited for your use.

We have experience in producing everything from academic-style studies and white papers to videos and multi-media. So we can meet your needs whether the end goal is an internal review or reaching a broad public through new media channels.

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