Investigative Services for Lawyers

Lynx provides high-quality access to information at a reasonable price. We are predictable, thorough and focused on your immediate, discreet needs.

We know you’re getting a lot of information through discovery, your library and your own online research efforts. We recognize you’re hiring us to answer specific questions and find facts beyond what you already have. We are obsessed with staying on track and delivering useable facts fast.


1. We know your practice area.

We have years of experience helping lawyers before and during litigation with intellectual property rights, contracts, antitrust allegations, environmental accusations, and product liability and employee issues. We understand what types of information will be useful and with our expertise we know the specific ways people hide information across industries and geographies.

2. We are committed to absolute accuracy and obsessive about coverage.

In every investigation we ask: Are we looking every place we should and that you haven’t already? At the same time, we know that if information isn’t accurate, timely and ethically gathered, it’s useless. We communicate often and do things the right way.

3. We are experts at finding the right information fast.

We are fixated on “taking the air out” of the process. What exactly do you need? What information is going to make a difference? These are questions we figure out together at the start, so our work fits into your overall strategy.

4. We keep costs down AND provide better, more targeted service.

We use our international network of investigators and other experts, rather than maintaining a large, expensive staff. This network allows us to be more nimble and adaptable to the demands of a particular case.

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