Investigative Services for Investors

Lynx brings you facts about executives in potential deals, so there are no surprises down the road.

Our reports are tailored to (a) what is most important to your decision-making process and (b) what is considered standard in your industry. We offer three types of background checks and can help you determine whether you should undertake one. depending on what sort of issues matter most to you. In our experience, we have encountered many myths about background checks and can help you determine whether you should undertake one.

Why Lynx?

1. We’ve managed thousands of background checks so we understand the norms in various industries and locales.

For example, many residents in Long Island sue the county for property reassessment. This is not so in the Bay Area. Gaming and real estate development attract colorful characters. This is not true for medical device companies. What are common issues with executives in your industry? We know and will let you know if something seems anomalous.

2. We are obsessive about coverage and accuracy.

Is your background check covering the right places and complete timeframe? For example, we know that lawsuits filed in Boston are barely covered by online searches and that LexisNexis only has records back to 2005. We always search onsite when necessary.

3. We are experts at finding the right information fast.

We can offer inexpensive, high-quality background checks because we are fixated on getting results without wasting time spinning wheels.

4. We keep costs down AND provide better, more targeted service.

We use our international network of investigators and other experts, rather than maintaining a large, expensive staff. This network allows us to be more nimble and adaptable to the demands of a particular case.

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