Searching Media Outside the U.S.

Another under-utilized resource is news media outside the U.S. that may not be picked up in your Google search. Some newspapers have their archives index-able by search engines but most do not. (This is a follow up to last week’s post about searching documentaries, TV and radio.)

How do you find these resources?

The first step is to figure out what publications you are looking for – try the repository-based searching approach outlined in this blog post. Start with keywords that will identify where you want to search, such as “Estonia and newspaper” or “Qatar and tv news.”

Additionally, here are some country/region-specific news compilers that work like Nexis or Video Monitoring Service that are particularly impressive:

CANADA: – free, searchable online database of more than 100 Canadian publications going back five years. You then pay per article.

UK and BEYOND: – subscription-based, searchable online database of TV, radio, press, internet and news back to 1997. The BBC – how could you go wrong?

INDIA: – claims to have online archives of 900,000 Indian and international TV commercials, press ads and marketing news for subscribers.

The following clipping services seem to have good regional coverage:

AUSTRALIA:  Media Monitors covers more than 3,000 information sources, including both print and broadcast media.

BALTICS:   Mediaskopas monitors Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian media.

KOREA:  WiseBrief provides English abstracts of stories from Korean-language newspapers, magazines, news wire, and web sources.

MIDDLE EAST:  Mediastow covers Arabic, English and French language media sources throughout the Middle East region.