Consulting & Referrals

Lynx does more than just get you facts.

Unlike many research and investigations firms, Lynx offers our opinion on what the facts mean, recommends a plan of action and, when appropriate, works with you the to execute that plan.

What We Offer

1. Gather intelligence on a specific strategic objective.

How do we reach a youth market? Should we expand into Asia? These questions rely on information from a variety of sources (market research, interviews with experts, news articles, etc.). We specialize in synthesizing this information for you in a single report with recommendations.

2. Reach the general public or a specific demographic with the facts we gather.

We work with design and media partners, as well as PR and crisis-communication consultants, to present facts in an effective, clear manner with no spin and while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

3. Give our opinion on the investigative findings of others.

We review the findings of in-house teams and other professionals, including interpreting results and making recommendations for next steps.

We maintain a network of experts, investigators and advisers to find facts and interpret the results. From this network, we build teams that understand the context and relative importance of what we find.

4. Build and train your own in-house research team in one of our seminars.

We are committed to adding value for our clients and not racking up billable hours. We work with fixed-fee budgets and are happy to refer a matter to another entity whenever that makes sense.

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