Common Assignments

We often get hired to answer questions that come up during business disputes and related litigation such as:

WHO are these people?

We find facts to help you make tactical decisions during litigation. We uncover information that might assail the credibility of a witness or opposing party.

WHERE is this person/company?

We find current contact information for people you want to interview or are obligated to find. We also find individuals who fit a certain description (former employees of a company, users of a certain product, etc). We can find evidence of where a company does business.

WHAT happened?

We find facts about past events to help you recreate the moment of dispute. We determine what was said, by whom and how it was communicated.

HOW MUCH money do they have?

We look at the financial wherewithal of people or companies in the U.S. and abroad to help you to make strategic decisions before and during litigation.

WHY is this witness/opposing litigant saying these things?

We find undisclosed connections and incentives to help you decide how to proceed with the lawsuit.