Announcing Lynx Insights

Hello blog friends-

If you followed my blog on Via Search Consulting, you know it’s been more than six weeks since I’ve blogged. I was not sunning in St. Tropez (sadly) but instead working on a very exciting project:  a new investigative services firm named Lynx Insights & Investigations, Inc.

Lynx Insights is a new firm with an old partner of mine Edward Morris who, in addition to being an experienced investigator, is very active in the art, design and nonprofit realms. He recently founded and ran an organization that produces art and media to deepen public understanding of climate change (see Canary Project here).

Lynx Insights finds facts amidst opinions, diversions and misinformation and is dedicated to delivering those facts in a clear, easy-to-use format whether that is a website, a chart, a video or audio file, or a written memo.

This blog will continue on both Via Search and Lynx Insights’ websites.

Drop me a line if you want to know more!